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-  Kidney Donors Picture -

Left to right:
David Koster, donated a kidney to a stranger
Mordy Husarsky, donated a kidney to his father-in-law
Chaya Lipschutz, donated a kidney to a stranger
Nancy Barker donated a kidney to a business associate

Photo taken at the Halachic Organ Donation Seminar,
Congregation Magen David of West Deal, Ocean, NJ
July, 2005.

Chaya Lipschutz, David Koster, and Nancy Barker spoke
at this event, along with Dr. Stuart Greenstein, Kidney
Transplant Surgeon, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx,

This event was organized by Congregation Magen David,
with help from Rabbi Labaton, of blessed memory , who
was the Rabbi of the Synagogue and the event was also
organized with the help of Steve Shalom.  
Whether you are considering donating a kidney or part of your liver,
and need more information or are in need of a kidney or liver and need
more information, - please contact me - perhaps I can help!

Also, if you would like to speak or e-mail others who have donated a
kidney or part of their liver,  please contact me as well.  

G-d bless you!

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Chaya Lipschutz
Kidney Donor and Kidney & Liver Matchmaker
Need a speaker for an event pertaining to kidney donation?

Chaya or some of the other kidney donors she is in touch with,
may be available to speak, depending on the location, their
schedule and availability.  Some have previously spoken either
in public and/or on radio on their kidney donation. More
information on each speaker, is available upon request.

If you need a Kidney Transplant Surgeon to speak at an event
as well, this can also possibly be arranged. 
Due to the large volume of e-mail I receive on a daily basis,
I may not be able to get back to people for days at a time.
If you are trying to reach me - sorry and thank you for your patience.
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Please note:

If you are in need of a kidney or liver, unfortunately, due to
lack of kidney & liver donors, I may not be able to help you at
this time.  However, if you need more info - or if you know
anyone who is considering kidney or liver donation and
needs more info - please contact me!  Kidney donors in
particular, are so urgently needed and is greatly
appreciated!   Would be happy to give all the info you need!!!

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