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Mother donated a kidney to her son
35 years ago!

From the article,  "90-Yr-Old Woman
Possibly Singapore's Longest &
Oldest Surviving Kidney Donor"
the article,
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(Singapore) - November 14, 2009
Woman donated a kidney to a customer
at her salon.

From the article, "Goodyear Salon
Worker Donates Kidney To Customer".  
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Source:  The Arizona Republic - Phoenix,
Arizona - May 14, 2010
Firefighter, right, donates kidney to
fellow firefighter

From the article,
 "Woodbury Firefighter
Donates Kidney To Co-worker
. (Article no
longer available online.)

Source:  Woodbury Bulletin , Woodbury,
Minnesota  - July 1, 2010
72 year old California woman, donated
a kidney to a stranger!

From the article,  "Resident Feels Great
After Giving Kidney To Stranger"  
the article,
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Source:  The Desert Sun - Palm Springs,
California. - July 8, 2010
Tom, Kidney donor on the  right, with the
stranger he donated a kidney to, on the
left. Tom, decided to donate a kidney
after hearing Chaya speak about kidney
donation on This American Life on NPR.  
Chaya  made this kidney match.
Person on the right, donated kidney
to person on the left a stranger.  They
did not meet for the first time until
sometime after their kidney
donation!  And now they are close like

From the article,  ''Kidney Recipient
From Gloucester Meets The Donor''
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Source: Gloucestshire News -
Gloucester, England - July 13, 2010
83 year old man donated a kidney to a

From the article, "83-year-Old Becomes
Oldest Living Kidney Donor In British
Medical History",
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Source: The Telegraph - UK - May 17, 2012